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Greetings fellow degens and welcome to $BODE! 

The G-O-A-T community memecoin from Brazil.


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Just to be clear, our token is merely a tribute to Brazil's legendary Bode Gaiato meme, who's hopped his way into the crypto universe for the lulz.

He's just a demented space goat, redefining what it means to be a "stablecoin" – because hey, who wants to be stable when you can have fun?

Oh yeah, and "bode" means goat in Brazilian Portuguese.

That is all.

How to get $BODE


Step #1 - Wallet setup

First things first, get a crypto wallet!


Use Metamask or any reputable crypto wallet. If you're on a mobile device, visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download it for free.


On a desktop, head to and install the Google Chrome extension.


Step #2 - Get some $BNB

You're gonna need some $BNB first, though. Don't have any?


No stress!


You can buy $BNB straight from your Metamask wallet or bring it in from another wallet.


Once you're loaded with $BNB, swapping it for $BODE will be a breeze. you're one step away!

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Step #3 - Swap for $BODE

Now just hop over to using Google Chrome or the browser tucked inside your Metamask.

Copy and paste the BSC contract address (at the top of this page) on Pancakeswap to add it, then click "swap".


Sign the transaction when it pops up, and now you have your very own Brazillian space goat!

Assuming you're a normal person living in the 21st century with a functional Metamask wallet holding $BNB, you can swap directly to $BODE on 

Pancakeswap and Melega.Finance


That's way too complicated, so let's keep it real simple:

no tax, no commissions, no reflections, or any BS!


token supply:



The contract will be renounced at some point, and LPs will be burnt, blah blah blah, but right now, we can't be bothered.

Initial LP is locked for a year, though, and this is what tentatively lies ahead...

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